Frequent Breaks Better for For Blood Sugar

New study shows taking quick 2-minute activity breaks at 20-minute intervals as compared with sitting for hours straight after eating significantly improves blood sugar levels.In comparing the blood sugar levels of people who sat for extended periods of time after eating with those who took a brief 2-minute leisurely walk every 20 minutes after eating, there was a 24% decrease in the rise of blood sugar in those taking the leisurely walks. If the individuals participated in amoderate-intensity exercise, the decrease in blood sugar rise was closer to 30 percent – nearly the same benefit. These short occasional breaks from prolonged sitting after eating appears to have considerable metabolic benefits, effectively lowering both blood glucose and insulin. By just moving our muscles, such as in a brief leisurely walk, glucose is pulled into the muscle thereby reducing insulin levels. So if you’re sitting at a desk or on the sofa after a meal, try a quick 2-minute walk break a couple times per hour to help keep your blood glucose and insulin levels at their best. Source: Diabetes Care; online. February 28, 2012.

Dr. Drew DeMann


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